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Winners of the December Practice Hours Challenge were treated to pizza and a piano recital.
The Practicers Teacher and Parents
Good Soda Good Cinnamon Desserts Good Brownies To Good Times Good Pasta Good Conversation Good Adult Conversation Good Competition Good Hand Eye Coordination at the Crane Good Gumballs Recital by Dr. Agnes Wan Students and Teacher with Dr. Agnes Wan

Spring Recital 2011

King and princess play piano together Students surround piano Smiling Student Large group in the bleachers Project in the studio Students show off white board work Studio Christmas Party Pizza Parlor Students perform for each other Student Playing in Recital Students on piano bench Students surround piano in concert hall Girls seated in hallway Five girls play one piano Two girls and small child on piano bench Teacher sits with four students Four students sit on stage edge Teacher and 6 students stand by piano Girl holds trophy Boy dances at water park Teacher and students stand by water park slide Students at water park tables Students on steps at water park Students under sprinkler umbrella at water park Group sitting on steps Studets and teacher in front of piano Students taking a written test 15 students casual pose


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